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Simple Tips For Taking Good Photos In The City

Taking photos in the city offers many possibilities for architectural, street or travel photographers. It can be a technical challenge, but also an artistic one. Things can go very quickly, something can happen suddenly, so you have to react (and act) very quickly. Sometimes you will only have a second or two to capture an image.

Do Not CenterThe Horizon

Make a choice on which part of the image you want to give more importance. It can be the sky (for its color or for the clouds) or the city. The horizon should therefore be placed either on the lower third line (priority to the sky) or on the upper third line (priority to the city).

Highlight The Verticality Of The City, Switch To Portrait Mode

The city is essentially vertical, so do not hesitate to turn your device and adopt the portrait format to highlight the height of the buildings.

Le Simona in Monaco from the Princess Antoinette Gardens

Stay On The Move

And be on the lookout! The city is full of situations more photogenic than the others. The scenes of life in particular. Observe your surroundings. Anticipate, and you will get spectacular and vibrant images!

Use A Wide Angle To Emphasize The Grandiose Side

Leaving space for yourself can be good in a composition. It can help to highlight it and underline its grandiose side but also to have a monument of significant size in its entirety even when you lack perspective. Also, the low angle with a wide angle will give an imposing aspect to the monuments. Finally, be rigorous in your framing (make sure that the buildings are straight, or else tilt your camera frankly to obtain oblique lines, which cross for example the image from one corner to another and which generally give a lot of of dynamism to the composition.

Gain Height

Nothing like finding a high point of view to photograph the city. Many buildings (museums, monuments, etc…) will allow you to have a panoramic view. Think about it when planning your visits.

Look For Geometric Shapes

Architecture is an inexhaustible photographic subject. The urban environment is just a series of geometric shapes. Match and combine triangles, rectangles and squares with different textures and colors for simple and effective compositions. Also remember to tighten your framing so as to focus the gaze on the essential.

Do Not Underestimate The Capabilities Of Your Smartphone

Did you know that in your pocket you have the most practical camera in the world? Always available, he’ll be of great help if you need to react quickly to a photogenic scene you don’t want to miss. Your smartphone also has the advantage of being more discreet than an SLR if you don’t want to be noticed. The latest smartphones now offer high quality images and a host of tools and applications will allow you to edit your photos after the fact.